Cinematic Media

Premier wedding, business, and event videographer serving clients in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

    Wedding Videography

Don’t let your wedding day go undocumented without a high quality wedding videography production from Cinematic Media! With Cinematic Media wedding videography, we will document your entire wedding day from start to finish at a price you can afford. Our wedding videography services will capture everything from the smallest details to the most special moments of your big day!

    Business Videography

Business videography from Cinematic Media will help your business attract new customers with everything from short films on the history of your business to 30-second advertisements that can be hosted and shared online. We use some of the same techniques, styles, and equipment as our wedding videography services to create memorable and meaningful films for you and your business!

   Event Videography

Not only does Cinematic Media provide high quality wedding and business videography services, but we can also serve as an event videographer for virtually any and all kind of special events! Whether its a first birthday party, business conference, graduation, sporting event, or family reunion, Cinematic Media can document your event in the way only a professional videographer can!

The Cinematic Media Mission

Cinematic Media's mission is to be the premier wedding, business, and event videography company in Minnesota. Our goal is to create films that will move and inspire audiences of all ages through our presentation style and quality of work.

    Centrally Located

Our centralized Rochester, Minnesota location allows us to serve clients throughout all of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. We enjoy traveling, so whether you are in Minneapolis, Duluth, Des Moines, Iowa City, La Crosse or Madison, contact us today to see what Cinematic Media can do for you! And if you’re in the Rochester, Minnesota area, we’d love to meet you in person!

   Quality Videography

Cinematic Media uses only the highest quality equipment in order to produce top-notch films. All of our films are shot and edited in full high definition in order to capture the true feeling and detail of your wedding, business, or special event. Compare us to the competition and you’ll see that the quality and style of our films is one of the biggest reasons so many people love our work.

   Prices You Can Afford

By utilizing the latest video technologies and unique videography strategies, Cinematic Media is able to keep our prices below the competition and make videography affordable for everyone! Most of our videography productions are done by a single videographer to give you a personal touch and save you money. We guarantee you can’t get a better quality film for a cheaper price anywhere!

Did You Know?

On average, for every hour Cinematic Media spends filming, we will spend five or more hours in post-production editing the recorded footage. This means that if you hire us for a 10 hour wedding videography package, we will likely spend 50-60 hours in total on your films!

    Free Travel

Not located in Rochester, MN? Not a problem! Cinematic Media will not charge you for travel most places in Minnesota, Iowa, or Wisconsin. So whether your wedding, business, or event is in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, or Des Moines, you can rest assured knowing that your videography budget will not be spent on our drive time.

     Client Reviews

Cinematic Media does everything possible to give you the best possible wedding, business, or event videography experience. To best understand how hard we work to be the best possible videographer for you, take a look at what our past clients have to say about us on and

     Get Social With Us

Get in touch and stay up to date with everything going on at Cinematic Media by connecting with us on FacebookYouTube and Vimeo. We post and share all of our wedding, business, and event films online, so connect today and don’t miss a beat! And of course, remember to share with your friends and family to spread the word about Cinematic Media!